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Simple Supper- Roasted Red Pepper Sauce over Veggies and Sausage

Moments in Preschool

Or just moments in what I so hope will be the years to come. Last Monday we had the pleasure of having the big kid home with us for a day. Not wanting to break from the routine the girl and I are just starting to find and curious what it would be like with two...

We began to find our way






And while I am not even a little bit wishing this year or the moments with just the girl away, this little glimpse of what will be next year is hard not to wish for now. 

Activities shown:

Transferring beans from bowl to bowl- helps with fine and gross motor skills

Materials needed: Dried beans, two small bowls, spoon- size approriate to child, tray

Encourage your child to use the spoon to transfer beans from one bowl to the other without spilling. 

Creating colors- using the primary colors, children learn how to mix to create new colors and practice pouring

Materials needed: 4 clear jars or cups, food coloring in primary colors (red, blue, yellow), water, straw to stir, pitcher with water

Have child pour equal amounts of water into three of the jars and add a drop or two of each food coloring to each jar, so they have blue, red, and yellow water. Have them pour a bit of two colors into the fourth jar. Using the straw they can stir and add more of one color or another to make the colors more vibrant. Talk about how adding more of one color changes the resulting color. 

Have child create simple drawings on a page of paper to show their scientific findings. 

Rinse new color and repeat with new color combinations.