Nov 28, 2013
Simple and Special- Cork Ornaments

Simple and Special- Daily Crafting Begins

DSC_0363I had no intention of getting a tree this year. We aren't going to be here for Christmas, so decorating seemed unnecessary. Sometimes I find myself getting a little Grinchy when it comes to what I often feel as "work" during this season. 

It can feel like a lot. 

But the other three LOVE all that symbolizes the holidays, and it's not "necessary". That's what makes it special. So, with promises that this would actually be our Winter Solstice tree, and we'd make every ornament this year, (he knows to appeal to my love of crafts) yesterday we met friends for our annual tree cutting afternoon. 



Image 1We found the perfect tree, took our annual pre-cut photo (the sun wasn't shinning that brightly...) and went home for the annual Mom decides the entire house needs to be re-organized before we bring the tree inside. 

A couple hours later and our tree was up, lights and beads strung,  Christmas music was turned on, the advent calender was stuffed, and just a few decorations were brought up to add a little holiday cheer to our spaces. 

A little greenery and pine cones found on walks, twinkle lights, candles, bits of ribbon.  



We're aiming for what Amanda Soule recently wrote about in the latest issue of Taproot, "Simple and Special".

Our tree is still intentionally very much in the works. 


A recent Facebook post gave me an idea. Each day of December, from today until the Solstice, our family is going to gather after dinner and create one different kind of ornament.  To keep with what I want us to do most this month, have our days be simple and special, everyday for the next 21 days, I'm going to post our creations here. Sometimes it may just be a picture or two. Sometimes a tutorial, recipe, or musing on what crafting daily with my people looks like.

I've also created a Pinterest page where I'll pin our ornaments and the ones we're finding inspiration from. 

To keep these ornaments extra simple, we're not buying a thing. We'll only be using what we have already on hand or can find in the woods. 

Wanta join us? Post pictures or links to your blog of the ornaments or simple decorations you and your people are making on our facebook page. Remember- simple and special! 

Happy crafting!

xo Kelly 


Ornaments We Made- 

Wine Cork Ornaments

Pinecone Owls

Clay Ornaments



Clay Stamping

Felt Garland